Kimberly Cardeccia MA, LPC started Hidden Promise because of what she was witnessing in her counseling clients and riding students. Riding students started disclosing information in conversations much deeper, much quicker than her counseling clients. Interestingly, the riding students were also reporting changes in their lives outside of the riding arena as a result of their interaction with the horses. In addition, Kim noticed how many riders were facing some type of apprehension, fear or even traumatic reaction around the horses. She made it her mission to help with lack of confidence and all of its fallout. Basically, she moved her counseling practice to the barn.
Kim is a learning enthusiast, she can never learn enough. She investigated, researched, and experimented with how the bond between horses and humans can help heal and enrich both species. On her quest to figure out how to help riders gain confidence, she studied many therapeutic areas and techniques. This education and training included trauma and loss, anxiety and depression, positive psychology, the workings of the subconscious mind, leadership, brainspotting. Reiki II, auricular acupuncture, CBT, and ACT. Kim incorporates a soft feel approach in her practice with both clients and horses. This eclectic approach allows her to more effectively and efficiently help both her human clients and the horses involved.
Kim has eagerly pursued her equine and equestrian education, reading, investigating and evaluating in her quest for excellence and innovation. She has had the privilege of riding with some fabulous clinicians, including Sue Sherry, Sue Hughes, Erik Herbermann, Sally Swift, Martina Genn, Bryan Neubert, Diane Sept, Joe Wolter and Phil Oakes.
This professional and passionate path has led Kim to working with not only her own clients, but also other equine facilitators and professionals, as well. Confidence through Connection is how Kim views her work. She helps bring positive intent, combined with an open mindset to create a heart centered, relationship focused way to heal and help.
Kim is passionate about helping both horses and people to be heard and understood. She has a special gift of being able to help people step into their own potential…to find their Hidden Promise!