Hidden Promise

Horses make great partners on our human journeys of healing. Whether it is a physical or emotional condition, there are many ways in which horses can help guide and support the healing process. By their inherent nature, horses behave and react in ways that give us a great deal of information about ourselves.

Explore Hidden Promise to discover the unique feedback horses give us so we can make our own lives better. Learn your own leadership style, get over that hurdle in your life, understand horses and people better. Live better through…

  • Clinics & WorkshopsKim and Mandala in Winter
  • Individual/Couples/Family Sessions
  • Small Groups
  • Movie viewing and discussions
  • and more!


Kim offers her services at your barn, her home barn in Fenton and at Tuthill Farms in South Lyon.

Kimberly Cardeccia, MA, LPC

Kim is a Licensed Professional counselor who has had horses in her life for over 30 years.  She has operated her counseling practice since 2001, following 10 years as an elementary physical education teacher.  She combines her professional skills with her passion for horses to help people surpass the mental and emotional blocks that continue to limit their experience of life.  Kim’s unique style of compassionate guidance emphasizes communication and safety (both physical and emotional) in her work with people and horses.  She combines her training and expertise into holistic methods to help clients heal the connection between their mind and body.  These techniques give her clients the ability to tap into their inner strength, enabling them to better direct their lives and reach their goals – in the horse world and outside of it, as well.

Novi Equestrian Expo 2013

“I love to partner with horses to help people heal in

ways that support both the horse and human.

Connecting with the true essence and beauty of the

horse’s heart and spirit is part of the healing process.” ~Kim




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