Welcome to Hidden Promise, an equestrian facility in Fenton, MI, focused on building confidence through connecting with horses. This is a warm, welcoming place where riders, non-riders, and small groups learn  {with the help of horses}  how to get to a place of deeper personal fulfillment.

Kim and Harley

Kim Cardeccia, a licensed professional counselor, is an industry pioneer who brings horses and humans together with profound results. A rare find in one person, Kim has both the equine expertise and a counseling practice of 10+ years. Paring both of these attributes together, she and her herd to create a space where great personal growth occurs.  You can experience this through one-on-one personal growth sessions or workshops led by Kim.




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Is Hidden Promise for me?

Located in south east Michigan, close to Ann Arbor, Howell, Hartland, Highland, Fenton.

And just a drive down the road from Lansing, Farmington, Jackson, Flint.