It hit last night!  The winter weather that was bound to come.  It is so easy to get lulled into thinking that the beautiful weather that we had last weekend would last a while longer.  Now, I am squarely facing the reality of yucky roads, frozen water, cold fingers and all the other challenges of winter.  Not to mention, limited riding opportunities.

This winter, I am going to work toward having more enjoyable experiences, rather than just getting through until spring.  Usually, I do a lot of reading and taking classes over the winter.  This year, I am going to add more groundwork with my horses.  I am armed with my borrowed copy of Buck Brannaman’s “Groundwork”, as well as Carolyn Resnick’s “Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals”.  At the rate I’m going, it will take all winter for me to watch, absorb, and practice what is presented in these dvds.

As I write about these plans, I am actually finding myself excited to see how the relationships that I have with my horses will grow.  I know that spending time connecting with my horses in this way will lead to my own personal development insights.  That is always a by-product for me of time with my horses.  Some of the lessons will be more enjoyable than others.  I can predict this because history repeats itself.  I also know from prior experience that the experiences and education will provide me with new ideas and techniques for helping others love their lives more through working with horses.

Looking outside, the snow looks a lot prettier right now.  Perspective does make such a difference.

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