We had quite a weekend! It started with the conference for Oakland University’s Center for Human and Animal Interactions. I was honored to be a presenter, and discuss ways to make sure our animal partners are happy in their therapeutic work. Lexie came with me and did a wonderful job with changing the slides on the power point presentation.

Then, we had our August Cowboy Dressage clinic. I will share more later, but one highlight was that Petey and I had our first canter under saddle! Both of us thought it was a lot of fun.

I was only able to ride with Phil on Saturday, as Lexie’s lesson program had their big wrap up the season horse show on Sunday. I could not have been more proud of my daughter, as she conducted herself with poise even after parting ways with her pony in a bareback class. Her sportsmanship and sense of taking care of the horses were wonderful.

As I reflect back on the weekend, the truth of the mini church service we had on Sunday sticks with me. It was all about community, and how important that is. For all of the events going on over this amazing weekend, they all had to do with our regard for our animals, and brought us together in a community with a strong dedication and deep passion. Of course, the fact that animals (especially horses!) were a big part of the weekend made it great. What made it over the top was being able to spend it with like minded and like hearted people. I am very fortunate, and want to express my gratitude to those in my community. Animal and human!!

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