Keystone helped me teach a lesson yesterday that was just fantastic!!  He was just perfect.  It’s so nice to have him healthy and happy.  Plus, he really is a fabulous partner for teaching. What a great time to watch Keystone and his rider dancing around the arena having so much fun!

Yea to the student who realized that she’s a lot better than she thought.  Sometimes, it’ all about the pairing of horse and rider.  Which leads me back to the Meyners book.  A quote from page 54 “Not every rider, no matter how skilled, can be expected to work with every horse”.   He also talks about how the ability to feel both the horse’s movements and your own as a rider has to be present before you can influence any change.  You have to start where you are.  “You” of course, refers to both you and your horse.  Again, giving complete permission to be where you are~~and who and how you are.  Great stuff when you’re a self-growth junkie!!

Can’t wait to read more, and teach more lessons.

I have to go work on my outlines for the presentations at the North American Horse Fest…….

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