Today, while I was watering the arena, I came up with some ideas that I am really, really excited about! I was thinking about how I would like to come up with some new ideas for one client in particular for riding in the indoor arena this winter. I remembered a cowboy shooting demonstration I had seen, and this got my mind racing.

For many reasons, shooting real guns is not going to be an option. One of those reasons is that I have a very high startle reflex, and would spend all of my time jumping out of my skin. However, I figured I could get away with shooting a nerf dart gun, and this in many ways would be a much better alternative for some fun.

I started to think of all the things that we would have to do to get the horses ready to play our adapted version of cowboy shooting. What a great way to build trust and bond; not only through the preparation, but through having a fun task to do together with our horses.

I bounced my idea off of a couple of friends, and they didn’t laugh at me, and actually encouraged these thoughts for me. That little bit of validation caused me to remember some of the games and activities I created or adapted when I taught elementary physical education. Frisbee golf, ultimate Frisbee, capture the flag…..we are going to have so much fun this winter!

All of these ideas sent me to Walmart. This is what happened:


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