Get ready for our next workshop. It is free for all and all are welcome! Join us to create a personal vision of your own success. Now, for those of you familiar with visioning, you know that this is a powerful tool. For those that have questions…we’ve answered a few below:

What is Visioning?

Visioning is a picture of the success of a project, goal, at a particular time in the future. It is not a map of how to get there,  – it is the vivid description of the actual destination of success

What are some benefits?

It offers guidance in charting the way forward. It also drives actions, decisions and behavior. It is a tool that inspires and connects with your highest potential and removes fear.

What makes this visioning workshop so special?

What is different about this visioning is that you will actually put yourself in a successful future and tell yourself the story as if it is happening at that moment. Studies have shown this approach engaging the brain in a different way which makes the future vision much more real and compelling.

What you will take away is your first written vision under this technique and you will be able to use this visioning practice as the first solution to any problem. This tool is intensely personal to who you are and can be used in everything you do everyday.

If you would like to stay after to share your story or ask questions, Kim and Kathy will be there to help.

Bring your notebook and together we will think big-picture, long-term on our future successes.

January 11th  |  2:00-4:00 PM  |  Teeko’s Coffee & Tea, Howell, Mi

  • There is no fee, but love offerings are humbly accepted
  • Please send a message to to register
  • The location may change depending upon the number of RSVPs
  • The location will be emailed to registrants prior to the event

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