Actually, this post should be titled “dad’s wisdom”.   My dad was actually the one that made the statement that got me thinking while he and my brother-in-law were fixing a tractor.  I was in the barn while they were working, grooming Midnight.  As I was brushing the muddy, not-so-happy pony, I heard my dad say that he had learned that you break things when you lose patience and go one step further.

The comment was made in connection with breaking parts on the tractor that were not particularly interested in moving.  However, I was grooming when I heard it.  Some people have said that they have their best thoughts while driving, or in the bathroom, I think mine come when I’m grooming horses….or wonder ponies, as the case may be.  As I was working on “Mudnight”, I thought a lot about the truth and wisdom in not pushing any further than your patience lasts.  In everything.  I think that may be all I have to say about that. (if you remember Forrest Gump??)

Then, I thought about substituting the word “confidence” for “patience”.  You break things when you lose confidence and go one step further.  That will be what I ponder the next grooming session.

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