Yesterday, I was working with a very brave student and her horse and something amazingly cute happened.  Her horse usually participates pretty actively while she emotionally and mentally processes through things.  He will nudge or nuzzle her, speak volumes with his body language, basically make his opinion known and show his support.  He and his owner have a magnificent relationship.

Sometimes he shares the love with me, too.  This was the case yesterday.  While his owner was doing some emotional work up on his back, this horse was nuzzling my hands and coat.  He started lipping at the cuff of my sleeve, and managed to undo the velcro fastener.  He then nodded his head, and with that motion, re-fastened the velcro.  Then, he did it again.  I laughed and showed his owner what this incredible equine was doing.  Of course, that made him do it over and over again.

He brought a sense of levity and significance to the session.  I have never witnessed a horse do that before, and will remember it for a while.  And, because I thought it was so clever and cute, I thought I would share it here.  Quite a metaphor for how we have to take things apart and put them back together again on our journey of self-improvement.  And, I’m quite sure that after this horse undid the velcro, he repositioned it differently when he put it back together again!

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