We had a blast at the North American Horse Fest!  Met some great people, including Dr. Tom Tweeten and Dianna McPhail.  Mary had Dianna out to work on Promise the day after the expo, and she did some amazing work with him.  She’s scheduled to return on the 29th, to work on him again.  We also signed up tha have Lacy and Kitty worked on.  Can’t wait to see what happens.

Dr. Tom really rocked my world when he spoke on Sunday.  H said that he doesn’t use a traditional curry on his horses.  He suggested that the circular scrubbing motion going against the grain of the hair is uncomfortable for them.  I was terribly conflicted because I could understand what he was saying and why, and at the same time, I love what currying does for my horses’ coats.   He shared that he uses a long plastic comb to loosen the dirt and stimulate the circulation.  I was very brave, and decided to give  his method a chance.   I left the expo with one of the big combs, and was willing to give it a chance.  Boy, was I surprised with the results.  Using that comb on the horse with the way the hair grew was really relaxing for both of us.  I never stopped to think before about how chaotic the motion of currying is, but it made a difference eliminating that element.  At least, on the two horses that I’ve tried it with there was a dramatic difference.  So far, Lacy and Keystone both gave it a big thumbs up.  Not bad for an Arabian and a Thoroughbred.  Time will tell if this will create the same beautiful hair coat that traditional currying does.  I have a feeling I’ll like the result, but I’ll be patient and see.  Now I’m even more excited to try Dr. Tom’s line of grooming products.  I’ll share more about that in the future…..

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