It’s finally time to do something different.  I really want to be able to progress as a dressage rider.  Actually, I’ve wanted this for a while, but wasn’t quite at a place where I was able to do something about it.  If I want different results, I realize, I must do something different.  So, with the help of my current instructor, I have decided to find someone who will teach me on a schooled horse.

I believe that if you come across, or hear about something a few times, you should pay attention.  There is a dressage professional very close to my house that I have not only heard about, but received emails about and from, so I decided to pay attention.  Friday, I have scheduled a lesson.  Now is the time for me to take a no-excuses approach toward being able to ride at the levels that I’ve dreamed about.  Logistically, and realistically, if I click with this instructor, I will probably only be able to take one lesson a month.  But, waiting until I could take more lessons more often would be an excuse.  And, that is no longer acceptable.  Small movement is still movement, and I as I teach others, feeling like you’re doing something to reach your goal makes all the difference!  I am ready for a difference.  If not with this instructor, I will try again until I find someone that can help me reach my goal….my dream.  No excuses.

One Thought on “Time for Action (my own personal, that is)”

  • I am so happy for you! Today, I get to ask him about hiring me temporarily to help offset the cost of the three-day clinic in October, in which he wants me to start riding Chance. Sadly, I don’t have $600 just lying around…

    I would like to take a lesson with you on a monthly basis, riding Mandala after I have trained with Doug for a bit. I have a feeling that after some time in which I really focus on dressage, I will be able to post (or maybe even sit!) that big, beautiful trot of hers!

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