I had a very enjoyable experience being interviewed for a cable tv show. Titled “Managing Problems of Daily Living” it is a great resource for area practitioners. I got to watch the end of another clinicians interview as I waited in the green room. This therapist was speaking on a method of working with clients termed “Imago”. She caught my attention because of her use of words such as “mirror”, “validation” and “authentic”. Inside I was lighting up, thinking how profound and valuable equine psychotherapy really is, and how the language fits so well in the world of psychology.

The psychologist that interviewed me spoke of her interest in equine psychotherapy, and I didn’t doubt it. Especially because she invited me to be on her television program. I am very grateful for the invitation and experience. Yet, I left the studio feeling that I hadn’t really been able to adequately capture and describe the amazingness that comes out of co-facilitating with horses. As evident by my word choice of “amazingness.” Although, you can find it in the dictionary, I just checked.

I thought it might be helpful to try to figure out what was missing. I understand that I was interviewed by someone who is very clinical, and specializes in interviewing other very clinical practitioners. Not that it’s anything I wasn’t aware of, but I am not very clinical. Most of the time that works out just fine for me, except when I am at a conference or somewhere else my peers are the very clinical types of therapists. And, it really isn’t the problem it used to be. The previous issue was that I felt that it meant that the way that I worked with clients wasn’t as legitimate. Now, it’s just more of a recognition that I am different. I value and love working with horses so much, how could that not be ok?

Being able to describe the essence of working with horses in very clinical language just doesn’t flow for me. I thought of it on my drive from the station. Not because it can’t be done in many ways, but because that isn’t my natural way of languaging things. (Just for fun, and to make my point….. although I could find amazingness in the dictionary, they left languaging out! another made up word. “Kimmie-ism ” is how my family refers to such words.)

So, some of the words that I wish I could have used to describe what can happen when we listen to the guiding wisdom of horses: dance, magic, alignment, equine intelligent leadership, energy and sacred possibility. I didn’t even get to share one of our governing principles ~ There are no coincidences. I am interested to see what happens when the show airs. Maybe we’ll get some inquiries from some very clinical minded people. In the meantime, I will still ponder how to accurately describe the amazingness of co-facilitating with horses. (Spell check doesn’t recognize amazingness!)

Here is a link to the interview. https://vimeo.com/199196300

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