I believe more and more that there are no coincidences. Things happen as they do for a reason, whether I understand what that reason is or not. This past week, I had one of those situations that I could have dismissed as just a coincidence. Of course, not if it was someone else who told me the story. Then, I would have said that it surely happened for a reason for that person to notice. So, I think I shall heed my own advice, and believe that my horses did what they did on purpose.

The horses had just all been turned out on some nice, fresh and long grass. They were very focused on eating. I was talking to a friend about random horsey things as we just stood in with the horses. They were scattered around, facing every which way. I shared that I really wanted my herd to be happy, healthy and feel valued. As I was talking about this wish, the horses maneuvered themselves into a semi-circle, facing us. I noticed this, and pointed it out. Then, I commented on how much I loved these horses, and appreciated how much they give. When I said this, my Little Horse picked his head up and walked over to me and put his nose against me. A little act, but it had a great impact on me. I am observing, listening and learning so much each day from these magnificent creatures. Every day brings something special. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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