We are still experiencing that kind of weather that it’s very difficult for me to keep my fingers and toes warm for very long. Zuke was excited as usual about his weekend morning walk, so I am feeling good that I chose to bundle up and go. Since I often encourage others to give themselves credit for their successes, I have decided my morning qualifies as successful. In addition, I did get some things done that really did cause my morning to be quite productive. They were just inside jobs. Literally and figuratively. I recently watched a wonderful video, and wanted to share it with you, as it was shared with me. It’s not too long, just under two minutes, and might cause a positive shift for you that offers a positive influence for your day.

I think we will have to coin a new phrase……something about white space. A white space moment for me was being able to share this video with you as I did through this blog. A first for me, and something I might not have tried without encouragement from the outside temperatures. Have a great day, and enjoy your white space!

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