For almost 20 years I have been intrigued by this Lexus slogan. Actually, I left a little of it out in the title. The whole slogan is: the relentless pursuit of perfection. In one way, it really gets my attention, because of the idea of being so committed to something that you don’t lose sight or give up. On the other hand, maybe obvious by now, the “perfection” part of it really trips me up. So much of what I do and who I am is both attracted and repelled at the same time by this message.

I was pondering this as I was out with the horses the other day. They inspired some new words to fill in the blank left when I remove that controversial last word. This is the list that came out of reflecting on that as I was in with my herd: harmony, being, understanding, connection and peace. The more I think about it, the more they are teaching me those things every day. Thank you to my wonderful horses for filling in the 20 year blank for me!

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