I had given myself the task of pondering confidence, and what happens if we go past the point of confidence, the next grooming session.  Today I got the chance to check that off the list.

Often I have been asked what the difference is between intuition and fear.  As I was brushing Little Horse, it seemed that this question tied perfectly into the concept of taking one step further.  Because, it doesn’t matter quite so much in the present moment whether fear or intuition is stopping us.  If it is intuition, there’s probably a really good reason we should stop.  If it’s indeed fear that’s holding us back, that needs to be adjusted and amended before we proceed.  The initial action will be the same.  What follows next may differ as we work toward our goals.  Yes, it is important to have a goal.  Not necessarily a lofty, prestigious goal, if you will, but a goal nonetheless.  For example, your goal may be to keep your stress level at a 3 all during the work with your horse.  (On a 1-10 scale).  Or, to stay in the present moment as you ride, and not let your thoughts drift to the past or future.  We just will benefit much from giving our subconscious a place to go.  Otherwise, it will pick one on it’s own.

Why do we need to monitor and manage our fear on the journey toward our goal?  The best answer to that is because of what happens in our brain.  Learning will not take place if our stress level is too high, and trauma might.  Either if the situation goes badly, or just be relieving a fearful event often enough, we can cause trauma to our mind and body.  Taking our fear level down before we proceed will allow what comes next to help us take positive steps toward our goals and not give us more obstacles and hurdles to enjoying time with our horses.

Considering that fear could be defined as the absence of belief, examining what we’re thinking will be a great place to start.  Do we believe that we are capable of what we’re contemplating?  If so, maybe we just need to make sure we have a trainer, instructor, or other person present to help take our stress level down.  Maybe we need to obtain some more education if we don’t believe we are capable.  Our underlying lack of belief, or belief in a negative might also be coming from our mindset, and not be connected to our actual abilities at all.  Either way, examining what we believe will help determine the next steps we take in progressing toward our goals.  That will allow us to take our fear or stress level down, which will allow our thinking to increase, and we will feel more like we are capable of maneuvering through the obstacles to reach our goals.

Little Horse gave me confirmation that all these thoughts were going in a good direction by his behavior.  Not always one to stand still for grooming, always too many things to play with, his head was lowered, and he just stood.  Thanks again, Little Horse, for being such a great guide!

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