Getting back into the swing of blogging regularly…hopefully!

This past summer I had a lot of fun, as well as learned so much. Because my daughter, Lexie, was off of school, she came to the barn with me just about every day, and we really had a lot of fun together. She was enjoying the cats and kittens, and she bonded with her pony, Midnight. One of the fun things (for her) she discovered, was that she could run when she led Midnight, and he would trot. It still brings me a big smile when I picture her dragging him everywhere with her. That pony does put his halo on at just the right moments! I appreciate you so much, Pony Boy!!

With the busyness of the summer’s events, I decided I would allow myself the summer off from writing. I thought that was a realistic approach, in spite of all the numerous times I have heard that I should be blogging consistently. Fighting the “shoulds” I decided to put the guilt aside and bask in the richness of summer fun. Some good in that, however……it’s now past mid October, and I still seem to be on summer vacation. Inertia seems to have kicked in big time. (An object in motion tends to stay in motion, and an object at rest, well, that would be me)

As I was sitting myself down and turning my computer on, I came across this quote: “Amateurs sit and wait clinicfor inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” ― Stephen King. So, here I am, setting things in motion.

There have been some very exciting happenings at Hidden Promise. Our Great Camp Out was incredible! I got to meet some amazing new people, and am looking forward to getting together with them again. And, we’ve already started talking about next year’s camp out.

Little Horse and I have had some great experiences. Some of them were just great in general, including the milestone of officially being started. This mostly means that he had a positive introduction to being ridden in a saddle. Some of our experiences taught me a lot, even if I wasn’t over thrilled at the moment that I was getting such lessons. I am getting a deeper sense every day with him that it is the journey that builds our partnership, not reaching those destinations or milestones. They are tremendous fun, but not the stuff that our bond is built on. In the future I will expand on some of our adventures, but I am appreciating more and more the value of taking small steps built on a foundation of trust. Of course, I will be honest, I still get wrapped up in the excitement of getting to the next big place, and I am getting better. Thanks for all the lessons, my little horse.


The Novi Horse Expo is November 14th through the 16th. I hope that you’ll drop by our booth and say “hi”. It’s always great to catch up and hear what’s going on with all of you. We’re also developing new workshops and programs. It would be great to hear what you’re working on and hoping to accomplish in your big plan. As always, if we at Hidden Promise can help, please let us know!



appreciating “adr”

Yesterday, I made some choices based on my intuition, and it proved to be a very good thing. In addition to working toward being more and more aware of my intuition, a big influence was something my sister taught me years ago about “adr”.

My sister, Mary, shared something with me on one of the occasions when I was trying to communicate that I was concerned about one of my dogs. One of her professors in vet school had taught about adr. What adr stands for is “ain’t doing right”. She said that this instructor had let them know that they were to pay attention when an owner tells them that an animal just ain’t doing right. Adr proved to have arrested what could have been a complicated founder issue with Midnight.

When I brought Midnight (Pony) in the barn yesterday, I thought he looked a little sore in his left front, or possibly both front feet, it was hard to tell. I put him in his stall, and proceeded as usual with feeding and chores. When it was time to turn him out, and for me leave for my workshop, my plans changed abruptly because of what I felt. Pony still wasn’t walking right, in my opinion…..I was concerned he was foundering.

I wrestled a bit with what to do next, because I had a workshop scheduled to teach about a half hour away. I was going to be late due to getting Pony taken care of before I left. Taking care of him was not the option, whether or not to cancel the workshop was the option. I decided to conduct the workshop anyway, after calling the participants to let them know I would be about 10 minutes late.

One of the reasons that I decided to settle Pony as comfortably as I could in his stall was to remove my anxious energy from him. Hanging around, nervously peering in at him was not going to do a bit of good for his mental state or healing process.

After the workshop, I came back to check on him, and he was moving much better. I drove home with a much lighter mind and heart. A couple of hours later, Mary called to let me know that she had gotten home and checked in on Midnight. (He lives at her house.) She said that he was going to be fine, but that his pulse was much more predominant in his front feet and that it a really good thing that he had his dose of banamine and confinement. Huge sigh of relief!!

I am so glad that many years ago, my wonderful sister taught me about adr. What another valuable lesson in following intuition!