Event: Exploring the Healing Energy of the Horse | Day Camp! 

Guest post by Mellissa Flores
Based on the “Confidence Through Connection” Clinics at Hidden Promise, this program will take one step further in exploring the energetic effects that horses’ huge heart centers have on humans and vice versa. You will focus on how to “feel” or connect with the horse without touch.
  • Discover how to feel the energy of the horse
  • Know when and how your energy affects another being  and how this feedback allows you to make instant positive change to take into daily life
  • Powerfully connect with a horse energetically to experience expanded consciousness and awareness

All of this will boost your feelings of harmony and confidence while giving you more awareness to the energy in your life.

Horses live naturally in herds. When you join the herd they easily teach you how your energy field influences your life and those around you. This instant feedback is so valuable as it allows you to make changes in the moment to create a deeper energetic connection.


April 12th  |  10:00 am – 3:00 pm  |  $175

Hidden Promise, Fenton, MI

Bring a sack lunch! It’s a full day just for you. There will be ground and hands-on work with our wonderful herd of horses (we are so lucky to have them!). No previous classes or horse experience necessary. This is a five hour workshop including a discussion and partnering with horses under Kim’s guidance.
Healing Energy

come one, come all to the hidden promise camp out

Guest Post: Mellissa Flores

Its the Great Camp Out of 2014 and you are invited! We can all benefit from connecting with horses and this event is your opportunity to see what it can do for you. Join us on October 4th and 5th for a weekend filled with time for you, connecting with horses, learning and rejuvenation. This event has been described as “an important event for self-growth”. There is something for all to enjoy…come join the fun.

You’ve been asking, “what is on the agenda”. Finally, here it is, the talks and demonstrations we have planned.

The Agenda:

  • Key Note Speaker: Kim Cardeccia, MA LPC
    • Learn how each member of the Hidden Promise herd plays a role in helping people
    • How Kim incorporates her herd in her practice
    • All weekend long, you can schedule a private or group session with Kim – Reserve your spot!
  • Horsemanship 101
  • Morning Yoga Meditation by the Pasture (The Yoga was switched to Meditation due to the cold mornings and dewy fields…brrr. Holding on to our hot coffee and bundling up in chairs for a guided nature meditation sounds much more zen.)
  • Living a Stress Free Lifebonfire
  • How Osteopathy Helps Horses and Humans
  • Allergies’ effect on humans and horses (*new*)
  • Animal Communication
  • Social Media and Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • Choosing Freedom from the past, present and future
  • The Empowerment Dynamic
  • Healthy snack food bar (*new*)
  • Kid Friendly Activities (*new*)
  • Campfire S’mores!
  • Horse movie under the stars! (*new*)

Reserve your spot today!


A program with details will be published closer to the event date. Stay tuned!


UPDATE 9/16/14: We have posted the agenda under The Great Camp Out page. Timing, topics and details are posted there!