I have received a few inquiries about how Sunshine is, and questions about what we’ve been doing together. The truth is, I haven’t written much about it, because I had thought it would be considered boring and/or redundant.

At least 3 times a week, Sunshine and I will spend some time in the arena together. I’m not even sure what to name, or how to best describe what we do. It’s a combination of groundwork, release work and just hanging out together. We have a unique dance, for sure. Sometimes I lead, and sometimes my red horse leads. The biggest indicators for our activities are what Sunshine does, and what my intuition offers. I think my overarching goal is to get him comfortable. Maybe someday we’ll eliminate his swishing tail. That would be something!

Sunshine himself is the reason that we’re on this journey. He’s definitely expressing his opinions, and I am listening. I really get the impression that he wants to be close, but doesn’t always know what to do with that closeness. I can’t even count the number of times that he has come up in a respectful manner, and then tried to bite me. Very conflicted actions. I can only imagine how he must feel on the inside. In whatever way I can, I want to offer him a feeling of peacefulness. I’m not really sure how to get there other than following the red horse’s lead.

What I know for sure is that he seems to enjoy our time together. This is evident by his willingness to come with me into the arena, and his reluctance to leave it. He makes it obvious he doesn’t want to leave the arena in how he stalls as we move toward the gate. He also tries to herd me away from the gate. Very creative. And, really, what a problem to have. A horse that doesn’t want to leave. I promise to keep listening!

That is our update. Thank you so much for your care and concern.

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