Today was the third time I’ve climbed up on Little Horse’s back.  Well, since Saturday, when we revisited this whole idea about people sitting on horses.

On Saturday, when I was working with Little Horse, he was being exemplary.  He stood still for grooming, even seemed to get into it, and did a fantastic job during our routine lunging session.  So, when we were done, I re-attached the reins to his bridle and led him into the round pen.  (The reins had to be re-attached because he chews on them if I leave them on for lunging.  One of those “pick your battle” issues.)

Once in the round pen, I led him to the mounting block and strode purposefully up the 3 steps.  He stood like a champion.  This encouraged me to progress to the flopping part of our old routine.  Really, it’s lying over the saddle.  Just a step backwards to regain his balance from Little Horse.  After repeating the flop, I decided to get on.

It went just how I like~uneventful.  That is what I strive for in our sessions together.  Just because, I dismounted and sat on him again.  Once again, uneventful.  Seems odd that uneventful is so exciting!

Sunday, I wanted a repeat of the uneventful.  Little Horse, however, did not.  He chose to try to roll when I put the reins on the bridle and led him around.  He complained just a little when I flopped.  A tail swish was the extent of it, but it was still a complaint.  Even though it wasn’t the uneventful desired outcome, I still decided to get on.  Little Horse decided to see what would happen if he tried to bite my leg.  I yelled “hey” and he cut it out.  I got down and got back up again.  This time he shook his head around.  After another “hey” he stopped.  I got down and back up again.  This time he stood still.  Finally, uneventful.  Now our session for the day was over.

After something like this, where my intuition tells me to keep on going even though, I do wonder what will happen the next time.  Knowing Little Horse’s personality (horsenality?) as I do, he does push.  And, will continue to if boundaries aren’t set. Well, today, I got my answer, because I had the opportunity to work with him again.  And, it was……uneventful!!!  Even with the crazy neighing from our in season mare.

If I think too much about why I do what I do when I do it, it gets all confusing.  Best I can, I try to keep my goal in mind, consider what feeling I’m getting from what is transpiring and do what feels comfortable. Even with a little push, it will just feel like the right thing to do. ( Of course, consulting with my instructors and trainers is added into the mix.)  Bottom line though, I have to follow my own intuition.  Thank you for the validation, Little Horse!!

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