Last night, it started.  American Idol began televising their auditions for the 2012 season.  This is good news in our household.  I know that might be a little surprising and seem quite off topic for what I usually write about here, but there is a connection. 

I love watching people make their dreams come true.  That is why I enjoy watching American Idol.  Listening to some of the back stories, and hearing someone with talent sing and pursue their passion quite often gets me teary eyed.  I resonate deeply with this aspect of the show, and of course, in real life when I see people reaching for what their hearts desire.  In fact, heart desires are a big part of why I work with people and horses as I do. 

I was at a place in my life where I had lost my dreams.  In fact, recognizing this is what really started my self-growth journey.  As I progressed with my healing and gained more knowledge and insights, I knew that I wanted to help other people from getting to that stuck, dark place.  Helping students and clients map out a plan to get them to their heart desires is something I will sign up to do over and over again.  Sometimes, we have to dig deep and clean out lots of “gunk” to unearth their dreams and passions, but the effort always proves to be worthwhile. 

That is the link between the tv show and my work with people and horses.  Next post, I’ll share another strong sentiment behind Hidden Promise.  Hope you are in touch with your dreams, and hot on their pursuit!

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