Yesterday, I was visited by a mom and (adult) daughter wanting to know more about me and what I do.  They were wonderful people, and I enjoyed the visit that we had.  And, the daughter gave me a gift.

Just before they left, she thanked me for taking such good care of my horses.  She said that she had never seen such a friendly, happy herd before.  We had gone out in the pasture to meet them as we talked.

I have never been thanked for that before.  I also didn’t really think our herd was that unusual.  I do know that they are very loved.  It was very interesting to have this young woman express such a sentiment.  She teared up as she said it, so it was obvious this meant a lot to her.  I’m not sure what other things she has witnessed regarding horses and their care, and I don’t think I’m going to let myself go there.  I am just thankful that she touched my heart, my horses and my life!!

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