I had a great indication from Little Horse that sharing territory is affecting our relationship. That made me very happy, because I am really enjoying our time together, and his actions gave me all the proof I need to continue with this endeavor. This is what happened:

After having our time just sharing territory, I decided to comb Little Horse. I focused on the combing, and the physical feeling of the bond that we have. Very simple, and for me, very rejuvenating. It seemed that we were both done with the combing at the same time, and I decided to go get and throw lunch time hay. I left him in the stall, and went out to complete this task.

As I was tossing out the hay to the rest of the horses, I see Little Horse come trotting out of the barn. Actually, I should say TROTTING. If it weren’t for the rough ground, I am certain he would have been running. (Someone wise was inside and let him out, he didn’t just bust out of the stall. That would have been quite a different story! However, his behavior in the stall I was to learn, was a bit opinionated.) I had emptied the hay sled and was heading back to the barn. I stopped and just watched.

Little Horse came through the gate, still TROTTING, and slowed to a walk about 10 feet from me. He respectfully walked up to me, touched my coat sleeve with his nose, and then went off to eat hay. In some ways, a very tiny gesture, yet these actions from Little Horse spoke volumes to me~right to my heart.

3 Thoughts on “Sharing Territory Validation”

  • Love this! Sometimes the “small signs” like this are missed and our lack of awareness gives us the perception that we are not making progress. I am glad you have the patience and attention to stick with and appreciate the work you are doing.

  • Wow – this is really an amazing thing, though some might think it small. Very cool! Don’t know how I missed this post, but glad I found it today…

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