A few days ago, I was sharing stories with someone about acquiring horses.  One of the stories I shared was of how I got Midnight, my wonderful PonyBoy.  (He’s black, and a pony, just to clarify).  His owners were looking for a home for him, and I went to meet him.  I spent some time grooming, lunging, and even got on him bareback for a short walkabout.  He was pretty green, but there was something about him.   Midnight’s old owners wanted to see where he would be living to make sure he was indeed going to a good home.  We made arrangements for them to visit our barn, and walked the pony back to his paddock.  As I walked toward my truck, Midnight followed me from his side of the fence and whinnied.  I couldn’t forget that, and found myself incredibly anxious about passing the “good home” test.  Not sure exactly how it happened, but I was so in love with that little pony.  (Fortunately, we passed the test, and he came to live with us.)

True to his pony nature, Midnight has very strong opinions, and frequently shares them.  My daughter Lexie, who will be 4 in a couple months, loves to ride “her” pony.  We were giving her a ride a couple of days ago, and Midnight thought that maybe if he threatened to remove the rider, he could go eat.  Convinced him to continue for just a little, while Lexie was pleading with me to make him spin.  (We had seen a reining competition a few weeks ago.) Silly Mommy, worrying that the pony was scaring her!  That night was when I was remembering meeting Midnight, and the anxiety I had until getting the good home approval.

Today I had a cancellation, so I had a little extra time at the barn.  The horses were all out feasting on grass, so I wasn’t really sure that any of them would want to come with me, much less Ponyboy, who will quite often run from such scenarios.  (One advantage of owning a small herd of horses is having options!)  However, I walked close to Midnight, and he lifted his nose and came to me.  As we were walking in, I contemplated about the times when I couldn’t catch him, and realized that in those moments, I usually had a specific expectation about what should happen.  Today, I just wanted to spend some time with him and remember what a special little guy he is.  He was so good for grooming, I took him out and worked with him a little.  He was a little super star~~might be spinning soon!

What a lesson for me. I try to keep the relationship forefront, but sometimes meeting another goal sneaks up on the priority list.  Thanks, Midnight, for helping me remember the priority order true to my heart.

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