One of the “takeaways” I got from Daniel Goleman’s book “Social Intelligence” was that the more time we spend in an emotional state, the easier it is to get there.  I incorporated that into some of the classes I taught at the Horse Expos, encouraging riders to increase the amount of time they spent in a relaxed state~especially when working to increase confidence.

This morning, however, I had quite a light bulb moment about applying this information to my relationships with my horses.  Sometimes when I follow my intuition and decided not to stick with my original game plan with a horse, I really worked hard to justify it with myself.  Especially when I chose to do “less” than I planned.  For example, today it was windy and cold.  The horses were a little crazy.  I didn’t actually have a ride planned, so there were no lesson plans to change.

I was contemplating as I was scooping poop this morning, and finally put it together that the feel of the training sessions I have with  my horses will fall into that “state” consideration.  If I chose to try to force a horse to pay attention to me today, I don’t think either one of us would have had a very positive experience.  And the frustration that might have ensued sure isn’t something I would want to recreate in future sessions.  This little thought made so much sense, and helped to validate when my intuition just says “uh- uh”.  Quite a balance between goals, expectations, intuitions and emotions!!  I will pay attention to what I’m creating as I interact with my horses knowing that I’m laying the foundation for recreating in our future endeavors.   Love those manure thoughts!!

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  • Some of my best thinking time is while cleaning stalls. I even compose poetry, and of course sing and dance. :o)

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