(Guest post by Mellissa Flores)

You’ve been seeing them for years now. Our fans have commented, shared, liked them and we love this feedback. Kim’s Facebook daily photo quotes contribute to the positivity of Hidden Promise and inspire us daily to remember what is most important.

So why did Kim begin publishing the photo quotes? What inspires her to continue to do so on a daily basis?

Here is what Kim shared with me:

“I started posting quotes on Hidden Promise’s Facebook page to offer inspiration. I love quotes, and find that reading a good one can have quite a positive impact on my thoughts and my day. I figured I wasn’t alone in this, and wanted to share.

Often, I would find some very cool quotes on Facebook, sometimes with beautiful images to go with them. I learned that I could create those posters, and put pictures of our horses on them. Meaningful quotes paired with horses seemed perfect to me!

I had been doing these posters for a couple months when I lost one of my horses. Bob (yes, his name was really Bob!) was an incredible horse, and he changed my life. I decided that as a tribute to him, I would post one every single day. That is how I have been able to post everyday, by keeping my promise to my Bob horse. I am still listening to his wisdom today.”

At a recent event, it was suggested that the photo quotes be made into a calendar. The idea filled the room with resounding support. And so began the planning for a 2015 Hidden Promise Calendar! If all goes according to plan, we will have them mid-December. Next year, we’ll all have a piece of Hidden Promise in our homes to remind us of our great times, amazing horses and loving people.

So where to start? Well, lets start by having fun picking photo quotes based on popular opinion! Each day on our Facebook page, for 12 days, we’ll post Kim’s most favorite and popular photo quotes. Each post has three photos. Your likes and comments will pick which one of the three to be published, so make sure to have your say!

The 12 days of posts started on 11/7/2014, so go back to our Facebook page and get your vote in for each day.

Your comments and likes are so appreciated each and every day!




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