Today was a fabulous day with Petey! Our time together in the arena, was very connected. Even though it was a semi windy day, and some of the other horses were playing up, Petey was soft and connected with me.

We did just a bit of ground work, and then with Kathy’s help and a second halter, I got on him with a thick wool pad. We are trying to help his physical condition of kissing spine, and to allow him to engage with people in a connected way that might help heal the mental tension caused by physical discomfort.The little bit of time that I spent up on his back, was very connected and very pleasant. The thing that made it even more amazing, came after we were done though.

We have a little routine, of watching him canter down the hill of his field after he has been turned out. Kathy has videoed a few of these excursions, and went out today to get a better vantage for the camera. I was up in the arena with Petey, and when I opened the gate to allow him to go out and started walking, he made it clear that he wanted a few more scratches before he left the arena. Of course, I obliged his request.

Then, I walked outside, and Petey followed me. His two red girls were standing up at the top of the hill. This might have encouraged him not to run down the hill. I walked a little ways down, to see if he would follow me. He did not he simply stood there and watched. Yet he watched me, and I still felt connected to him.

After we gave him a few moments to see if he would head down the hill, he did not. Kathy had to leave for work, and I decided to come in also. As I walked back up the hill and into the barn aisle, Petey followed me. This was pretty amazing and made my heart smile. Petey is starting to like his work and want more!

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