We had another fabulous day and experience with Kim Veenstra and her Mobile Confidence Clinic at the farm. If you are looking for something fun to do with your horse that will build your bond and partnership, I highly recommend this adventure. Kim is fabulous! She is patient with both horses and people, her approach is positive and compassionate. She knows tons, and shares her valuable wisdom generously to bring many successes and smiles to participants.

This was my first big adventure with Petey. I felt that we have been building a lot of trust, and was looking forward to seeing what would transpire for us out on the course. The big brown horse did awesome! He has such a big heart, and even when he was not sure of something, he followed my lead, and responded to my request. At times, his whole body would quiver. He stopped in the middle of a pool noodle obstacle once and trembled for a moment. Petey was so brave and trusting, he would then make his way through. (Sunshine has taught me well to pause and observe.) Taking some of the pressure off makes such a big difference in what the horses will agree to do. I can get teary thinking of the things that they will do just because we ask them to. They are truly giving and magnificent creatures.

I have some wonderful video that a friend of mine so graciously agreed to film. I found some things that transpired that I will improve on, and I saw something that was very encouraging. The time that Petey and I have taken to build a trusting connection is paying off. From what I could go back and watch on camera, it was obvious how much heart and “try” Petey has. Even when he was uncertain, the lead rope still wasn’t taught. Except for when I would help him refocus and direct his energy, there was slack in the rope. He was following my intent and request without being drug through the obstacles. He did what I asked of him because he trusted me. I will not take that likely, and use my best judgment to keep him safe and expand upon such a beautiful foundation. I appreciate and love this horse so much!

We have some video of Petey maneuvering the water hazard. When I get it edited and uploaded, I will share. Of course, I am biased, and he was very cute. Stay tuned……

One Thought on “Petey’s first Mobile Confidence Clinic”

  • Looking forward to your video.
    Love hearing your experiences and glad you are posting much more often.
    Kim V. does do a great program and I have very fond memories of the two clinics you helped me with.

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