Here is the video of the water hazard from Petey’s first MCC clinic. It’s not very exciting to watch, and it shows how willing he is to do what he’s asked. My favorite part is the end. I will write more about that under the video, so it’s not a spoiler, just in case you want to watch the whole video. It’s a smidge over 8 minutes.

OK, so my very favorite part is him walking through it that very last time. No big deal!!! Good boy, Petey!!! So much heart in the big brown horse. He was a fantastic partner for the whole course.

5 Thoughts on “Petey and the water hazard”

  • TRUST, it’s all about TRUST! You 2 are building the bond, way to go Kim, perfect job. When he is trying you leave him alone, when he is not trying you refocus him. The splashing is him confirming the surface is safe. PERFECTO! The best part of all is him at the end, with your guidance, he made it!

  • I really enjoyed your experience with Petey and the water puddle. He worked thru it pretty fast which speed isnt the goal. I did noticed the first time he went thru he didn’t have time to absorb and lick and chew before going right back in. I thought it was really neat that he let that water and himself know that he could face his fear with all that splashing.Have you ever tried laughing /giggling with him when he is trying. That sometimes helps Cash and I always celebrate with some kind of joy and he likes to hear that he is a brave boy. Just something to experiment with… since we are always learning. I am sure it is more the feeling/energy then the words that make him feel good.
    Fun to see you horseing around.

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