Another windy, rainy day.  That translates to another day that there won’t be much work with horses happening today.  Seems like we’ve had a lot of this type of weather occurring on days when my schedule allows for horse time.  (At least until we have an on-site indoor arena……)

I will have to dig deeper into my store of patience and wait to resume working with Little Horse.  We’ve not been able to do much over the past 3 weeks.  The reason being, he had two falls.  One when he was just playing in the pasture.  Running too fast sliding stop before the gate where there was quite a slick spot.  Boom.  Second time he fell while having his feet trimmed.  Wind blew something, scared him, and his back feet went out behind him, his belly almost hitting the ground.  Scary to see.  Well, both were, actually.  And, of course, there is always the possibility that he did some other similar maneuvers out in the postures on his own.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss…..

After the hoof trim fall, the next day I went to work with him, and Little Horse was uneven behind.  Also, he was no himself temperament wise.  He was spooking frequently.  He really only does that for good reason.  He had hardly any focus because of this.  When our schedules lined up, my sister did some chiropractic adjustments and laser treatments for him.

While she was working on him, she  found that he was out in his neck and his pelvis.  Mary reminded me that these two areas are where the “calm down” hormones are released.  That made perfect sense with his behavior.  And, it completely validated my decision to wait to work with him until he felt better.  Because even if I can’t detect a limp or unevenness anywhere, he was still letting me know that he wasn’t quite right.  I’m glad that I was listening, and it probably will work out to be perfect timing when the weather cooperates, but still so very had to have patience.

Arena translation: What good validation for both following your intuition, as well as the inseparable connection between body and mind.  Always a good idea to wait until something feels right to proceed.  Sometimes, enlisting the help of someone else will be what is necessary to be able to move forward.  Nothing is wrong with that.  It can be very helpful, as well as smart, to have someone else there to help bolster your confidence.  Sometimes we all need a little help from our friends.

Hoping for pleasant weather tomorrow, though 😉

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