This past weekend I participated in a Horse Expo.  Although it’s a lot of work, I love my expo weekends!!  A chance to meet and talk with others interested in horses, and , in my case, equine assisted healing work.  In addition, I usually come away with new learning.  It’s impossible for me to talk to so many people willing to share their ideas and viewpoints and not end up thinking.

One of these thinking moments happened as I was exiting the clinician’s lounge.  On my way back to my booth, I heard Dr. Lew Sterret say, “You have to be tested in order to be trusted.”  These words ran through my mind continuously as I walked through the crowd.

By the time I  reached the booth, I felt like these words went from floating around in my head to entering into my heart. (Phrases and ideas that I resonate deeply with tend to feel this way to me.)  I was beginning to ponder how I would  now be able to look through this filter of “testing” and be able to interpret the actions and reactions of my horses with new insight.  I was so excited to get back to my horses and play with this new concept.

As the day wore on, I still had “you have to be tested in order to be trusted” in the corner of my awareness.  I was also beginning to realize that this was going to play out big in my work with clients.  Both in our interactions, and those that they had with their horses.  It seemed that this concept was going to be one that I took some time to mull over and integrate at a deep level both in my life and my work.  I feel that I am still processing the enormity of this small phrase.  I would love to know if reading these words has impacted you in any way, and what your thoughts are.  Please comment below, or on Hidden Promise’s Facebook page.  Could be some fascinating discussion!

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