We had our final Cowboy Dressage clinic for 2017. I think my head is still on tilt from the whole experience. Phil did a super job giving us all some homework for the winter, and stretching our relationships with our horses to deeper levels. Our clinic group has become like a family and it’s wonderful to witness and be part of everyone’s journey.

Last month, pole dancing was our big surprise and challenge. This month, there was more. Phil had a tremendous learning experience the weekend before at a clinic where he was a participant and brought us some new stuff. He shared what he learned, many of his thoughts and offered ways for us to bring this ideas to our horses. We had lots and lots of great discussions throughout the weekend.

Petey and I were challenged quite a bit over the weekend. Of course, Phil did a fabulous job of not pushing either of us over the edge, and his patience was deeply appreciated. Especially when I rode in a hackamore for the very first time. That was an eye opening experience for both me and my big brown horse.

In the morning on Friday, I think I might have surprised Phil when I asked him about the hackamore and let him in on the fact that I had never ridden in one. I ride Petey in a side pull most of the time and wondered what the difference was between that and the hackamore. So, in the afternoon, Petey was lucky enough to be able to wear Phil’s hackamore.

I was very surprised. I liked the feel of the hackamore. It is sure a different piece of equipment that I had ever been introduced to in my dressage based background. Of course, a very big reason that I liked it was because my horse seemed to like it. It gave us a different feel and the lateral movements that we were focusing on were much better for us with the hackamore than the sidepull. I still have much to learn, and much to adjust to, yet so far, I love this new to us tool. I am so grateful for yet another incredible weekend of learning and fun with my horse!

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