Last night, after waking up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I had an epiphany. Sometimes, things would be a whole heck of a lot easier if life situations came with instruction booklets. And in the meantime, we will just have to figure things out.

One of the things that was perplexing me, was Sunshine’s reaction to me the last couple of times I went out into the field to see if he wanted to come in. Instead of walking towards me like he was doing before our travels, he stood his ground until I got up to him. He would let me pet him, and then when I brought the halter rope up he would walk away. I have to admit that I was somewhat tired after our Indiana and Kentucky trips, and didn’t really feel like exerting the energy nor having him work with me if he didn’t really want to. So I just asked him to move a little until he turned and faced me, and then I gave him some pets on his head. That was enough each day, and I decided to work with either Anny or Petey. They always help me feel better 🙂

So last night, the epiphany that I had, was suddenly realizing that the middle field next to where Sunshine lives used to be vacant. Kathy had let Mama’s herd into that field, and that could have been why things had changed so much. Of course, even though I work hard to not take things personally, I was still trying to figure out what I might have done wrong to cause Sunshine not to want to come in with me. I was very excited to test my theory today.

I got that chance, as well as my answer. At least, my answer as clearly as answers can be about this kind of thing. It was worming day, and we set out into the Hidden Promise field, to deworm those horses. Now there is a whole side story of catching Jewel, and an hour later, we were able to do so. She did not want any part of the deworming!

It became obvious that we were going to have to make a project out of catching Jewel. We decided to save her for last, and get the other horses dewormed first. Sunshine came right up to me. I accepted Sunshine’s approach and scratched his withers and rubbed by his forelock, and very easily with no issue at all, not even biting, was able to halter him. Not only was I able to easily halter him, I was also able to get the dewormer inside of the red horse. And then, as we were working towards encouraging Jewel to decide to be caught, Sunshine came up to me a few times. I really believe that the horses in the field had been the reason for his reluctance to come in with me previously. It felt relieving and good, I will admit, to have my red horse decide that maybe he would like to spend some time with me. Perseverance and patience really do pay off. Good boy, Sunshine, good boy!

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