Over the weekend, we had a wonderful cowboy dressage clinic with Phil Oakes. I am so very proud of my big brown horse. These clinics are the perfect venue for Petey and I to learn and grow as a team, and we even had an opportunity to practice helping together this clinic.

One of the horses was subscribing in a big way to the theory of conserving energy. We were outside on the cowboy dressage court, learning how to use the obstacles and letters to help us on our journey toward soft feel with our horses. Petey and I got to help inspire this horse to move by having him follow us. It was our first chance to practice being in a guiding role. This was just perfect, because I had some ideas of how much fun it would be to take clients on rides around the farm, with them on Anny and me on Petey. With how this plan worked over the weekend, I think we’ll be able to do this soon.

There were a couple of times when the horses that were turned out, or some of the participating horses got a little silly, or expressed some big opinions. Their antics didn’t corrupt Petey’s focus. He looked around once or twice, and that was all. He didn’t decide to join them in their silliness, he chose to keep on working with me and letting the other horse follow him. Sometimes it was a little like space invaders, and Petey handled it like a champion. More accurately, he handled it like an awesome co-facilitator. It’s an honor to work beside him. And, I can tell it’s only going to get better and better. I am so thankful to my big brown horse, all of the other participants and Phil for such a wonderful opportunity ~ great horses, great company, great discussions and amazing learning. What an incredible journey!

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