Missy had something to say today. And, she said it in a way that I have never witnessed a horse express before. What and how horses share never ceases to amaze me!

I was out in the field with Missy, Jewel, Anny and Janice. Our standard operating procedure is that I will halter Missy so that she doesn’t interfere with the interaction between Janice and Jewel. Missy has a very big personality, and will run whatever show is around her if she is given the opportunity.

Since I have Missy on the halter rope, I usually offer her some invitations and, of course, watch to see what happens. I fee that I am getting to know her better, and she has shown me some interesting connections between how a horse’s body will move and bend directly relates to their ability to honor those invitations and the level of vulnerability that goes along with that. It also allows Janice and Jewel a greater space for stepping into possibility without me micromanaging.

Today was a big day for the “J” girls. Some great interactions and insights allowed for deeper understanding and bonding. It was fabulous for me to witness. Another aspect that I noticed was how still Missy was. She seemed much more present, and was holding a very supportive space.

As the session was wrapping up, the topic of conversation between Janice and I came around to Missy. As we were discussing her supportive nature and seeming desire to participate more in growth journeys, she added more loud and clear communication.

Sometimes, Missy can disregard personal space, and be a little too assertive in her interaction. This time was different. I had unhaltered her, and she was not ready to leave. Even with the roundbale beckoning, and the other two mares heading there, she still stayed. This is not her standard reaction. Usually when we are finished, Jewel heads off, and Missy is sure to beat her wherever she was heading, as if it were a big race. Not this time.

Missy not only stayed, she was very connected to me. If I took a couple steps, she was right with me as I walked and stopped. I scratched her, and found one of her very itchy spots. As I bent over a little to be able to scratch the front of her shoulder a bit better, she very gently put her chin on top of my head. I was vigilant, and focusing on remembering to breathe deep. This seemed like a gift, yet I was prepared for the energy to shift, and wanted to make sure we were all safe.

I am glad that I was brave, and curious enough to stay with it and see what happened. Thank goodness Janice was there to let me know what Missy did, because there was no way that I could have seen it.

As we again commented on Missy’s desire to be included in more sessions, with her chin resting lightly on my head, she yawned! Affirming, validating and amazing. As well as heard and noted on my part. There is no way you could make this stuff up. Horses are incredible, and I am so honored to be able to pair with them. I will continue to listen, and advocate for them. I will also honor Missy’s request. (As long as Dave, her owner, says it’s ok.) Thank you, Missy, for your huge impression and impact. And, your help!

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