Navigate life with greater ease and happiness

This four-person workshop balances the intellectual with the experiential to enrich the mindfulness in your life.

Because horses are fully present and without agenda or judgement, they invite us to be the same. By their instant and accurate reflections, horses show us moment-to-moment where our thoughts are.  To work with a horse and communicate effectively, a person has to be calm, in the present moment. For horses to willingly engage with us, we must be present and congruent. It’s actually more difficult to not be present around the horses.

The Workshop will begin with a discussion, time to partner with your horse (sometimes horses will choose you!), guidance from Kim and wrap up discussion. We promise you will walk away with less anxiety as well as strategies to build on your mindfulness at home.



  • 1 & 1/2 Hour Workshop
  • No horse experience needed as this is a non-riding workshop
  • Call for the workshop schedule
  • The investment for this experience is $50/each.
  • A max of 4 participants


The power for creating a good future is contained in the present:  You create a good future by creating a good present. ~ Eckhart Tolle


Timid horse lovers: Do you have reluctance to being around horses but always wanted to? This is where to start. Those who are typically anxious around horses end the workshop being able to connect with and sometimes lead with their horse-partner with such pride and accomplishment. It is a beautiful transition to be in the presence of. We love our herd who bring out the best in us!

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