It’s always a wonderfully appreciated event when there’s some validation that all the work (or non-work, as the case may be) we are doing is making a difference. In this case, the “we” I am referring to is me and the horses. Pausing, patience and curiosity mixed with intent and gaining new knowledge or information does pay off. Of course, always including honoring where the horse is in the mix.

Yesterday, Liz and I were attempting to fix the arena gate. The horses must have been really itchy, or just wanted to play a practical joke, and they removed the gate to the front of the arena from the top hinge. Before we huddled over the gate, I had put Petey’s breakfast in the trailer as we are still working on honorable trailer loading.

Liz and I weren’t having much luck with the gate. As we were brainstorming, Petey was hovering over us. Probably giggling at our bumbling. Then, Liz mentioned that Petey was heading to the trailer. I am guessing he grew tired of the not much happening where we were.

We admitted that we were not going to be able to put the gate back together, and put the assortment of tools we had gathered away. I grabbed the halter rope, and went to lead Petey to his breakfast in the trailer.

I scanned the front lawn to see where he was grazing, waiting for me. I found him nowhere. (How could I lose a big brown horse in an enclosed area?) A little wave of curiosity led me to check inside the trailer……where Petey was standing, munching his grain. He had to go all the way in the corner to find it, as I hadn’t yet poured it in the big feed tub. I dumped what little was lift in the big feed tub for his convenience. When he had polished that off, he even stuck around for me to pick little pellets up off the floor and feed them to him. We are making progress. Good boy, Petey, good boy!

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