I have found someone new to add to my list of mentors and teachers. Fortunately, she only lives 6 miles from my house! The chance to work with and learn from her in person is incredibly exciting.
Yesterday, she showed me some things to work on with Little Horse. The theme of the day could be summed up as “lead with calm.” For me, when I work with Little Horse, my emotional state is different from what it is when I work with other horses. It stems from being so enthusiastic about working with him. Even though it comes from a positive place, it doesn’t always take us in a positive direction, or allow us to be our best together. Getting back to calm is the key to being an effective leader, and the emotional space I need to be in to make my best choices.
This led me to start thinking about what it takes to get to calm. A simple concept, yet not always easy. These are some of what I have come up with so far (I am sure there will be more in the future!): we have to believe in where we are going, why we are going there, and our ability to get there; we have to recognize when we first get pulled from calm; we have to be aware of what is happening inside and outside of ourselves when working with our horses and we have to know what our goals are.
I am very excited to be on this journey, and look forward to sharing more as I progress and learn!

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