During the last week, I have gotten Little Horse dressed (o.k. tacked up) three times.  He was really a very good boy about this, especially since it’s been close to a year since he wore his bridle and saddle.  However, he has let me know that he really thinks the bit is just stupid.

Knowing his personality as I do, there are times when I have to set a firm boundary with him.  Because he will push, and sometimes hard, if there isn’t anything to stop him.  Of  course, I don’t like it when things get to that point, but setting boundaries is so very important.  Which brings me to the bit issue….

Yesterday was the third time I tacked up Little Horse.  We had to have quite a discussion about that, which including letting him know he could NOT hit me with his head.  Not the nice harmonious time together I envisioned!

My dilemma is this: do I need to just keep putting the bit in his mouth and letting him get used to it whether or not he opens his mouth right up to take it? or do I wait until he just says oh sure, I’ll do that for you? Because he has let me know that, again, he thinks the bit is stupid, I don’t think the latter is the right answer.  I like it so much better when what my intuition tells me to do something easy.

What I have decided is that sometimes we have to be able look back at something to see if it was the right choice or not.  Today, when I work with Little Horse, I think I’ll be able to tell if I’m right in just pushing forward and letting him get used to the bit.  Working with horses is so much about experimenting, and sometimes you need enough information and time to be able to decide what comes next.  At this time, I think continuing with the bit desensitization is intuition, not just a “should” from trying to meet another external expectation.  We shall see in a few hours…..

One Thought on “Is it a “should” or intuition??”

  • I think you are on the right track. I think horses in general respond to repitition and get easier and easier over time with consistancy. Just my observation. The “individual” part of it all is very true. It takes some expermentation to see what will get him to do what you ask in the easiest and most respectful way. I think the more respectful but firm we are with them the softer they become and it becomes a real partnership and not a do it or you’re meat proposition.

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