Today provided me with an interesting example of intention. At least, I’m thinking it was about intention. Probably with a little mix of awareness and willingness to change course. It could be obvious that I’m still processing what happened as far as what to term or how to categorize things. This is what happened:

The last few times that I had played with Petey, I found myself wondering if he needed a focused release session. Of course, it’s a fact that he came with some physical issues, and I’ve found that those have resulted in some mental issues. No surprise there, really. As I would be getting him ready to be saddled up, these thoughts of releasing kept coming up.

Today, as I was brushing my big brown horse, he started to do lots of blinks. I interpret this that the horse is processing something. I paused, and watched to see what would happen. The blinks subsided, and I went back to brushing, paying attention to how Petey was reacting. As I gently and slowly brushed the right side of his back behind where the saddle would go, Petey did a big Trojan horse stretch. (Not sure if that’s the real name, it’s a stretch where they bring their heads up high with an arch in their neck.) He got so very tall! It was the first time that I had ever seen him stretch like this.

After the big stretch, Petey’s eyes blinked quickly for a few moments. Then, he stretched his left hind leg out far behind him. Another stretch that I had not witnessed from him before. As I continued a mix of observing, brushing and putting my hands on the spots where the reactions occurred, he exhibited two more big Trojan horse stretches and three more from his hind legs. What he most needed ended up happening.

When his responses and reactions had settled, I saddled him up and went for a short walk. Well, we did a very short bit of trot, but mostly we walked around. Petey felt a little different in his back and movement to me, and I figured it felt different to the brown horse, too. It seemed we both needed some time to adjust and feel.

I am still not sure exactly to call what happened. And, I am very appreciative that it happened. I will keep listening, Petey, I promise!

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