Lots and lots of learning today. And a fantastic ride on Petey.

My day at the clinic started with working with a pony that was in the colt class. The little guy had a pretty rough start of things, and is darn near impossible to catch. I learned a lot watching Bryan work with him. One of the things that I am learning over and over again is how much I admire Bryan Neubert. He is so very good, and makes it all look so stinkin’ easy! It is not easy, and he has so much knowledge and finesse it’s amazing. I would encourage anyone considering participating in or auditing a clinic with him to just do it.

Anyway, back to the pony. He did a good job of teaching me that I need to get better at handling horses in close, or I am going to get kicked. In fact, he touched me knee with his hoof while Bryan was helping me lean over the saddle. I didn’t have my body in the safest position, and that little bugger is so very quick! He taught me a good lesson and I didn’t have to experience the pain I could have.

Peggy and Julie guided me and taught me through working with this pony, I wish I could remember his name……Bryan referred to him as PeeWee, I will borrow that for now. PeeWee is so very lucky that he has his owner. She’s willing to help him through his fear, and he’s on his way to the best life he could have. Right now, though, he’s incredibly touchy and jumpy. He doesn’t trust people, although his world might have been rocked enough that will start to change.

Kathy sacrificed a lot, and drove home and brought back her inventory of saddles to see if anything at all could fit Petey. It was a successful trip! Maureen identified one as even better than the youth saddle I rode in yesterday. I found a felt pad, and we had a workable combination.

In our horsemanship class, Petey was pretty high headed at first. We had been indoor the previous two days, but today we went outside. I started on the ground with him until he seemed settled and calm. It didn’t take that long, and soon I was up in the new riding apparel for Petey. I really liked how this saddle felt, and am so very grateful for the team of people that allowed this to happen.

One of the things we got to do in class was walk our horses over a rope that Bryan had stretched out on the ground and would wiggle. Petey was a rockstar at the rope. I only had to be reminded once to shorten up my reins. Bryan has such a tremendous way of teaching. He gets his method across and allows you to feel successful in the process. He said something like “I guess I would shorten my reins up going over that rope, and you can do it that way, too.” Got it. Shorten reins. Thank you.

We still have a lot of practicing to do on the maneuvers that Bryan was showing us. Neither Petey nor I have much experience, yet it was still beneficial as well as lots of fun. As we were working on learning different things. Petey stretched down at both the walk and the trot. So important for helping his back and soreness issues. I hope that he enjoyed the class, because I thought it was great fun!

An extra special thank you to Maureen. I bugged her once during the class, and again afterward to calm my neurotic concern about hurting my horse. She is such a wealth of information, and so very generous with her advice. Many people helped Petey and I have a great time today. We are pretty darn lucky! Now, to rest……

Here’s a couple pictures of the cute pony:

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