We did it! Petey and I completed our first day of the Bryan Neubert clinic in Indiana. And, the big brown horse did a super job.

I am not sure that Petey has ever seen cows before arriving at the clinic site yesterday. He was quite high headed and alert, which is understandable. Even before we officially started the clinic session, Petey had already demonstrated his most appreciated talent of being able to manage his state with some gentle guidance. He was able to focus and work together with me even in all the new and unusual situations.

Bryan worked with Petey with a flag. It was obvious that I still need to work on keeping Petey out of my space. It was also obvious that it was a good thing that I didn’t try to ride him in a flappy rain coat. Maybe now I could, though.

Petey did a great job adjusting today and I think we got a good introduction to this four day clinic. However, we still haven’t got a good fitting saddle. Back to the drawing board……

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