Yesterday, I was able to spend some time with Petey. I didn’t get it posted last night, so I am going to post it today, because it felt like we really built more trust and rapport on our journey of working together therapeutically.

One of the things that I had been hashing over before playing with Petey was belief. While I was writing about what happened, I realized that I had no doubt in my mind that what I was doing would have an effect on the big brown horse, I just wasn’t sure what that effect would be. I had curiosity about what I would witness, but no doubt that something would happen. It happened in a very profound way. Belief pays off.

Here’s the overview of what happened yesterday:
Today, I had a session cancellation and took advantage of the opportunity to sneak in a little horse time. Yesterday I had a bit of a discouraging day, so I was not at all upset about this chance to hang out with a horse. I was going to check the healing process on a cut on his leg anyway so, I grabbed a halter rope and went out into the field to catch up Petey.

I called his name, and he moved off the hay toward me. This is always a great way to start an interaction with a horse! I took the gift, put his halter on and led him up the hill. My goal for us for the day was to feel connected and to be able to move Petey around in the arena without losing that feeling of connection. I wanted him to be a safe distance from me and to be able to guide him at an ever-increasing distance.

I was very happy, because today things with him started to feel like a dance. One of the things that I started doing was imagining how he would feel if I was sitting up on him. As I was on the ground walking by him I tried to move my body as if I were on him to see if it could influence where he held his weight and bent his body. It was amazing. I actually witnessed him make some changes and he started to move in a much more relaxed manner and put his head down and move over his top line. I had a blast and was doubly rewarded because at the end of our session, I unhaltered Petey in the arena. Instead of marching right off to join the girls on the hay bale, for the first time, he hung around with me. This was a great day for restoring my hope and aspirations!

One Thought on “good connection with Petey”

  • Love your blog and hearing about your interactions with the horses! What is Petey’s story, and how did Hidden Promise come to have him? I’ve asked on ‘his’ Facebook page, and received a lovely story about Kathy’s journey with horses, but nothing about where Petey came from, what he’s been through or how he came to you.

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