Welcome to the very first blog entry for Hidden Promise! 

Later, I will figure out more of the “how to”s on creating a really appealing blog.  For now, I just wanted to share that we are going to be at the North American Horsefest in Novi.  The second weekend in December (11th-13th) it’s at Rock Financial Showplace.  Hopefully you’ll come out and see us!  Besides having a booth, I am signed up to give a presentation each day.  Still deciding if it would be better to give one presentation three times, or offer some variety.  Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :o)

I am also reading a fabulous book.  Effective Teaching & Riding by Eckart Meyners.  He mentions muscle memory, which is something that I talk to my students about quite often.  Here’s a quote from page 4:

“While the brain is involved in initially learning the motion, once the rider’s muscles and feeling system takes over, the brain does not have to think about the motion anymore.  The body simply can perform it”

The time spent on the longe line can be so very valuable.  What a great time to let muscles learn and brains process.

Thanks for reading!


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