I have had a few experiences this week that have caused me to enter into philosophical mode regarding why I love horses.  Even more specifically, why I want to work with them, and how does that become part of the work that I do with people and horses.  What I really needed to do was to make sure that what I was striving for is linked to what I’m fundamentally drawn to.  I had to make sure that I was proceeding along a path guided by my values.

Although I “knew” that what I really love the most about riding is the connection that I have with the horse, what I didn’t really stop to put into perspective is that this is the rule that can’t be broken for me.  Whenever I do, I end up  not feeling so good about what is happening, or what has transpired.  Usually, this happens when I’m following a “should”~somebody else’s idea or expectation.  Fortunately, I’m getting better and better at recognizing when things just don’t feel right to me, and adjusting before a really big, bad thing happens.  For example, getting caught up in what my Little Horse should be able to do at his age.

In this process, of course there is some experimentation.  It isn’t always easy to sort out a goal from an unreal expectation.  That is where experimentation comes in.  We have to have learning experiences in order to be able to learn, and figure out where our true path with heart really lies.  You could call them mistakes, but learning experiences is such a kinder description, as well as more accurate.

Even though some of this week was bumpy, it had an important result:  Remembering what is most important to me and why I’m drawn to horses, and what I will not sacrifice on my journey.  Having navigated through these events, thoughts and feelings this week has brought to the forefront how essential it is to align our actions with our values.  This allows us to make better choices for ourselves, and, of course, our horses.

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