By my heart’s choice, I will never stop and studying and learning about horses. I have loved them all of my life, and am still surprised at times that the respect, admiration, and love that I have for them can possibly go even deeper. I had another one of those moments of gratitude and appreciation yesterday.

For the past several years, I have been consciously combining my love of horses with my passion for watching people thrive in their self-growth work. With the support and guidance of horses, I can help people step into a leadership role with horses, and with their lives. It truly is an amazing and wonderful thing to witness. And, I am humbled with how giving and generous the horses are when we learn how to understand them and integrate and implement what they share with us. I have learned so much about horses, helping people, and about myself from this journey. Along with that comes the ever deepening respect, admiration and love I have for horses. I guess I am destined to be forever horse crazy. And, I can live with that!

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