I had the greatest time today!  My riding instructor came out and gave me a lesson.  It has been a LONG time since I had one, and it was long overdue.  Now, my position and my outlook have both been improved.  I am so lucky that my instructor is much, much more than just my riding teacher.  She is my mentor, my inspiration, and she even makes me feel like a friend.

The lesson consisted of some working on my position, as I stated previously.  I love working on that, wish I could have some feedback on that every time that I’m on a horse!! Yes, I’m a junkie.  I’m also addicted to the conversation that we have around the riding part of the lesson.  For me, my riding and my life are so connected and intertwined, it’s impossible to pull them apart.  And, after universal clunks with a 2 by 4, I have stopped trying to and embraced their connectedness and used that to make each better.  Of course, this is what I love to help other people do, too.  Because horses are such a passion of mine, there is a spiritual element that I am fortunate enough to have found an instructor that can appreciate this.  Our lesson conversations always leave me feeling enthusiastic and inspired.  Can’ wait for the next one!!!

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