What led you to the work you currently do?

What really happened, was two different “hats” that I was wearing became one.  I was teaching riding lessons, and also working as a mental health counselor in private practice.  What I started to notice was that the people I taught riding lessons to ended up sharing a lot of personal information.  Sometimes, we spent most of their riding lesson with their horse at a standstill, talking more openly and honestly than some of the clients I saw in my more traditional office for counseling.  I also started realizing that many horse owners had to work really hard, and sometimes not successfully, to battle apprehensions, anxieties and fears as they worked with their horses.

I decided to change the scope of my professional work and help riders develop confidence, and also using the wisdom and magic of horses,  help clients be able to love their lives better. May practice is now equine assisted, and I have the absolute best job in the world!

How did you become an expert on building confidence through connection?

What I have witnessed has proven to me that by building a relationship with ourselves, and understanding ourselves the best that we can, we are then able to build an authentic relationship with our horse.  This is so important to developing trust and belief, which is essential in overcoming fears.

I have sought out education on the workings of the subconscious mind, and combine this with an eclectic mix of therapeutic techniques to help students work with themselves instead of fighting themselves as they work toward their goals.  Combining the mental and physical, mind and body is where the horses help me the most.  This is where clients make huge strides toward confidently breaking free from their limitations.

Who are your clients?

The clients I see are mainly women who are battling a fear or trauma issue that prevents them from being able to progress as they would like with their horse.  I also work with people who struggle with feeling like something is missing from their lives, or from themselves, and they are very interested in employing the magic of horses to reconnect with their hidden promise.

What makes your services unique?

I’d have to say that it’s how my education, skill set and personality all combine to allow me to work with people and horses in a way that reconnects body, mind and spirit.  A fabulous by-product of healing body, mind and spirit is that this allows us to better access our intuition, which help us live more authentically.

Based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one who I want to learn from.  What do I do next to get started?

Send me an email (kim@hiddenpromisecampus.com) to set up a free get acquainted session.  I want to know more about your situation to see if I can help.

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