There are some things that I keep “discovering” again and again. The outside rein, for example. Or, the same issues reappearing in my personal growth work each time I reach a deeper level of health and/or risk. These concepts are quite similar to peeling an onion; many, many layers surrounding the inner core. My newest fascination with energy falls into this category.

I am working on my own personal definition of energy. Before, I just thought of it as almost a magnetic field or something to employ in the arena of using pressure to get a horse to move. Now, I am adding to that. I still think it is something to be felt, but I am realizing that to incorporate the concept into my work with people and horses, I need a better definition. As I mentioned before, I do mean personal definition. I am not offering this as a “right” or “correct” explanation for anyone else. However, the more I learn and experience, the more that I am realizing the more understanding I have, and the more in tune with my energy I am, the more in tune I am likely to be with my horses as well as people.

It is becoming apparent to me that energy is a combination of things. Something that sounds pretty obvious in my head as I am typing this, but for some reason I have not actually ever examined energy in this much detail. Intent, emotion and focus are all included. There also seems to be a physical component, as in the tensions felt in the body. Before, my awareness of energy was mostly limited to positive, neutral or negative. Combining intent, emotion and focus to this simple awareness is improving the communication I have with my horses. For example, I can have calm, neutral energy when my horse is exhibiting signs of tension or fear. Yet, if I want to make a request, or “up” my leadership, I have to raise my energy level to step up to this task. That’s where the degrees of finesse I have been starting to perceive have appeared. The biggest shift I have made that has allowed me to become aware of how to more effectively use my own energy involves waiting. Pausing to see how my energy is received, and paying attention to, receiving and deciphering the energy that comes back. This is allowing me to have an energetic dialogue, where I am a much better listener. I am so excited to practice and learn more about energy and how to use it in helpful and healing ways. Thank goodness I have a herd to practice with. I have a feeling they are going to enjoy teaching me more about this.

3 Thoughts on “discovering new layers”

  • What a wonderfully insightful post Kim! You have done a wonderful job of putting intangible thoughts and feelings into words. As I was reading your post I was delighted to actual feel energy radiating from your words. Your insight into energy being a combination of physical, mental and emotional components rings true to my way of thinking. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us. XXOO

  • I agree, Kim! I liken this to dressage – when I’m riding, I give an aid, then *wait* and *listen* to my horse to see if he answers correctly. It can be infinitesimal, but it is so very important.

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