Dean Rd. in Fall 10/6/12
The view going down the road to the arena.
Midnight appreciating the view.
Wonder Pony didn’t react at all to the distractions in the arena!

Today I took Midnight (Pony~his ‘original’ nickname!) down the road to the indoor arena we’ll be able to use this winter. It’s main use these days is for duck and goose rescue, so I like to make sure the herd members are all used to it before I ask them to work in there. Pony was first, and he did an awesome job!

It’s been over a year and a half since he was down there, and he wasn’t really comfortable with the quacking and honking at the time. There had been quite a bit of whinnying, planting his feet and trying to vacate the premises. Today, however, he was a champion. (Working on my leadership with him has paid off.) There was no calling to those left at home, and he didn’t shy, spook or balk one single time. Almost as if he knows that he has some pretty important work to do this winter. Pony has been helping some young riders in very challenging and serious situations, and the great news is that we will be able to continue this winter. Yay Midnight the Wonder Pony!! I am so proud of him.

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